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Doctor From The NAIA Plane Crash Shares Hope On His Last Facebook Post

NAIA Plane Crash : Philippines was left shaken up after the news broke out that a plane crash happened on the...

Facebook post rescues cyclist who was charged by elephant

rescues cyclist : A cyclist from Morocco who was attacked by an elephant while riding in Zambia is recovering in hospital after...

NHS Nurse left in tears after she is unable to buy any veg

NHS Nurse : 'We should all be ashamed': NHS boss slams selfish panic-buyers and demands they STOP clearing Britain's shelves and think...

Florida Troopers Find Meth, Cocaine And MDMA In Bag Labelled ‘Bag Full Of Drugs’

Two men in Florida were caught by police with a bag full of drugs labelled ‘bag full of drugs’. 

China’s Richest Man Donates £11 Million To Develop Coronavirus Vaccine

The richest man in China has donated 100 million yuan (£11 million) towards helping scientists develop a vaccine against the deadly strain...

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Maryland police department gets backlash for Facebook post

Maryland police department received national exposure and some backlash this week with a post warning residents to wear pants when checking the mailbox.

People Question All The ‘Bad’ Things It’s Okay To Do In Isolation

Isolation : With countries around the world in various stages of lockdown right now, millions of us are adapting to life at...

Bus driver who ranted about coughing passenger dies from Covid-19

Covidiot, 32, is jailed for three months after he wandered around his local hospital to witness impact of coronavirus pandemic then...

Facebook deletes Brazil president’s coronavirus misinfo post

coronavirus misinfo post : Facebook has diverted from its policy of not fact-checking politicians in order to prevent the spread of...