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New Zealand Mum Shares Genius Trick To Keep Avocado Fresh For A Week

It’s the green lifeblood of millennials in the western world. Dread it, run from it, avocado will arrive on your plate all the same. 

The fruit – the prime ingredient in guacamole – has dominated the breakfast scene in recent years. With a unique flavour and rich texture, it’s the perfect morning meal accompaniment, ideal on toast with a couple of eggs (boiled or fried, I’m satisfied).

However, with a devilish tendency to go off rapidly as it sits in your fridge (especially after eating just one half), it’s a cursed treat. That is, until now – one mum has cracked the case of the browning avocado.

New Zealand mum Cherry Gaddes is the genius fighting against food waste. How many times have you chucked out an avocado because it’s gone a bit off? How many times have you eagerly whipped that fruit out of the fridge only to be greeted with a sludgy pit of despair?

No more. Prepare to eat all your precious avocado, for Cherry has the solution: lettuce.

Recycling… keeping it green.Sort of accidentally I discovered that I have been throwing away 1st class food wrap. …

Posted by Cherry Gaddes on Tuesday, January 28, 2020

In a Facebook post, Cherry explained: 

Sort of accidentally I discovered that I have been throwing away 1st class food wrap. Lettuce leaves, primarily the outer ones that are a bit harder, make excellent food wrap! Since they’re designed for that purpose in the first place… (who knew!).

This avo was cut a week ago, and stored in the fridge ever since, wrapped in lettuce leaf. All good for today’s breakfast. Incidentally, lettuce leaves even keep buns fresh!

How many fools have been putting their half-eaten avocados in cling film, tin foil or even tubs? Well, it turns out there’s quite a few of us – Cherry’s post has been liked nearly 9,000 times and shared more than 6,000 times.

People have been praising the new food hack, with one avocado fan writing: ‘Wow this is really awesome.’ Another wrote: ‘Oh my god who would have known this?’A third comment added: ‘Thanks for that great tip.’

If you’re not aboard the avo train, you should hop on. It’s a nutrient-rich fruit, said to help decrease the risk of obesity, diabetes, heart disease and overall mortality, while also promoting a healthy complexion and hair, increased energy, and overall lower weight.

While it’s great as part of your breakfast, you can also mix it up with some chillies and peppers and lime juice to make some cracking guacamole. Whack it on top of some nachos or fajitas, and you’re laughing.


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