Tara Jane Langston : ‘Don’t take any chances, just look at me’: Fit-and-healthy gym-goer, 39, struggles to breathe from coronavirus as she gives stark warning from her intensive care hospital bed

  • The waitress had filmed herself in an intensive care unit at Hillingdon Hospital
  • She was rushed to the London hospital last Friday and diagnosed with COVID-19
  • Made video on Monday gasping for breath and coughing and sent to colleagues
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A fit-and-healthy mother who filmed herself struggling to breathe as she warned of the dangers of coronavirus has said it felt like having ‘glass in her lungs’.

Tara Jane Langston, 39, told of how every breath is a ‘battle’ but she is now out of intensive care and recovering well.

The mother-of-two was rushed to hospital by ambulance last Friday and eventually diagnosed with Covid-19 on Sunday. 

Ms Langston had filmed herself with her phone in the intensive care unit at Hillingdon Hospital in west London pleading with others to take the deadly COVID-19 seriously. 

The shocking video, which went viral on social media, appeared to show it is not just the elderly or those with underlying health conditions who are at risk. 

Ms Langston said: ‘There were two other patients with me in the ICU, both of who were being intubated. One was quite a large man who I’d say was about late 50s or early 60s and the other was a lady roughly the same age. So these were not elderly people.

‘That was my reasoning behind doing that video was to warn that younger people are susceptible too. It’s quite surreal being in the ICU, the nurses are covered head to toe but they are literally working non-stop and have been brilliant.

‘They are actually running out of face masks. One nurse came into my room the other day with a sort of plastic sheeting covering her face, it looked like the sort of clear plastic wrapper flowers come in.

‘I just worry that when this virus starts getting worse they’re going to be swamped.’

Tara Jane Langston