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Florida Troopers Find Meth, Cocaine And MDMA In Bag Labelled ‘Bag Full Of Drugs’

Two men in Florida were caught by police with a bag full of drugs labelled ‘bag full of drugs’. 

You’d have to imagine that most people are discreet with their drugs. Hell, trafficking stories have detailed disgusting ways of transporting narcotics – from up the bum to under the foreskin and other orifices.

But not these guys. Why hide your drugs? Better yet, why not flaunt it, let the world know exactly what you’re transporting? Well, there’s one solid reason – in addition to being illegal, it’s bloody stupid.

Santa Rosa K-9 Deputies recently assisted FHP on a traffic stop on I-10 where a large amount of narcotics were…

Posted by Santa Rosa County Sheriff's Office FL on Monday, February 3, 2020

Highway Patrol officers in the Florida Panhandle pulled over two men for speeding on I-10 in Santa Rosa County at first. Soon after, the Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office assisted in a full search of the vehicle – however, they didn’t need to look for long.

In the aptly named ‘bag full of drugs’, officers found a lot of drugs: methamphetamine, GHB (known more commonly as the date rape drug), cocaine, MDMA and fentanyl. A tweet from FHP Panhandle’s account read: ‘A traffic stop for unlawful speed on I-10 yesterday bagged two drug traffickers and their not so inconspicuous drug paraphernalia.’

An additional post from Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office read: 

Santa Rosa K-9 Deputies recently assisted FHP on a traffic stop on I-10 where a large amount of narcotics were discovered. Note to self- do not traffic your illegal narcotics in bags labeled ‘Bag Full Of Drugs’. Our K-9’s can read.

As it turns out, reverse psychology doesn’t really work on police dogs, or any police officer for that matter. One has to wonder what the logic was behind the bag – did they think of it like a pencil case? Maybe it was just bravado.

Whatever lunacy drove them to transporting drugs in a bag that literally gives the game away is beyond me – however, their idiocy got them in the back of a police car, as they were arrested soon after the search.

Florida Troopers
File photo dated 18/09/19 of a mock-up picture of cocaine. According to a new report the number of drug poisoning cases handled by hospitals in England has risen for the third year in a row.

Following the post on Facebook, people’s comments have echoed the same sentiment: they’re the worst drug traffickers in the world. One person wrote: ‘There is no unit of measure for that level of stupidity.’ Another user wrote: ‘Stupid is as stupid does.’

It’s fortunate the two men were morons – it made it easy for the police to take another load of drugs off the streets and continue to keep people safe.


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