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Doctor’s Facebook post on Lane County coronavirus projections goes viral

coronavirus projections : A local pediatrician took to Facebook to voice concerns about the way officials are handling the growing threat of coronavirus here in Eugene.

Her concerns are now going viral.

Dr. Pilar Bradshaw shared some data about just how many people might potentially contract COVID-19.

She got this data from Lane County Public Health through a medical provider call.

On Facebook she says tens of thousands of people could become infected.

It is possible that:

93,000-262,000 people in Lane County will become infected

13,000-29,000 people in Lane County will need to be hospitalized

4,700-10,500 people will need to be on a ventilator machine in an ICU

2,300-5,100 people will die from Covid-19


This information has set the internet ablaze.

In her post she lays out what she calls concerning facts. The post has been shared close to 2,000 times.

Bradshaw shared numbers put out by Lane County Public Health show in the long term between 93,000 and more than 260,000 people in Lane County could become infected.

It also states upwards of 5,000 people in Lane County will potentially die from the virus if not treated.

Lane County Public Health Dr. Patrick Luedtke calculated the potential stats using data from international health organizations.

Public health staff said these numbers are worst case scenario. If this happened, the number of people affected would be much less due to medical staff treating patients.

Another worry discussed online is the availability of testing kits.

Bradshaw says in her posts that kits are “hard to come by” in the state and is worried that the medical community won’t be able to handle it.

Right now Lane County Public Health says everything is under control and the public shouldn’t panic – but stay prepared.

We’ve reached out to Bradshaw several times for comment today but have yet to hear back.

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