Health Workers Greeted With Applause As They Enter Supermarket

Supermarket staff in Northern Ireland were keen to show their appreciation for health workers as they welcomed them to the store with flowers and a round of applause. 

Heartwarming footage shared online shows NHS staff entering a Tesco in Belfast, which opened an hour early on Sunday, March 22, so health workers could shop without other members of the public.

Tesco staff gathered around the entrance to ensure the hard working professionals had a warm welcome by launching into applause as they entered, with a couple of members of staff handing out beautiful bouquets of flowers to the customers.

Health workers have been swept off their feet dealing with the outbreak of coronavirus, with doctors, nurses and many other vital members of staff urging members of the public to practise social distancing and self-isolation to help prevent the spread of the virus.

The pandemic has seen 4,000 NHS nurses and 500 doctors decide to come out of retirementto help tackle the virus, and the hard work and dedication of everyone in the health care sector cannot be understated.

Members of the public have praised Tesco staff online for showing NHS workers the appreciation they so rightly deserve.