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North Carolina Policeman Spends Lunch Break With Homeless Woman After Spotting Her T-Shirt

Homeless Woman : A kind-hearted police officer opted to spend his lunch break with a homeless woman after reading an eye-opening message on her t-shirt. 

Officer Michael Rivers, from North Carolina, spotted the woman sat by the side of the road while on his shift with the Goldsboro Police Department last week.

Rivers has been with the department for nine years and so has become familiar with the faces of many homeless people in his community. He didn’t, however, recognise this particular woman, who later identified herself as Michelle.

The officer was in his car at the time, and he made eye contact with Michelle through the open window and acknowledged her with a simple: ‘Hey.’

Rivers then drove away, but Michelle’s t-shirt had caught his eye, and the message on it left an impression.

The pair spent the next 45 minutes sharing their life stories, allowing Rivers to learn all about Michelle and in turn helping her feel as though she wasn’t ‘becoming a nobody’.

Michelle told the officer she had a 12-year-old daughter who is battling liver disease and living in foster care, as well as a 23-year-old son. Michelle’s husband – who is also homeless – stood across the street as the two conversed, Rivers said.

A photo of the heart-warming scene was snapped by a passerby and shared on Facebook, where the poster praised Goldsboro Police Department for going the extra mile with members of the community.

The caption read:


After polishing off their pizza, Rivers and Michelle went their separate ways, but the time they’d spent together made Rivers think about their similarities.

The officer believes they are both perceived by society negatively; homeless people are often shunned and blamed for bringing their situations upon themselves, while Rivers feels police officers are often stereotyped by the ‘bad apples’ and portrayed in a poor light.

Rivers’ act of kindness would have no doubt brightened Michelle’s day; the world definitely needs more people like him.

Homeless Woman


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