Harry and Meghan : As the Duke and Duchess of Sussex reach the promised land of California – within kissing distance of Hollywood – Meghan’s got all she wanted and Harry’s given up so much

And with one bound, they were free. 

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have finally reached the promised land of California and they are within kissing distance of Hollywood, no doubt their intended destination all along. 

That weird rental stay in Canada

It now seems clear that it was nothing but a smokescreen – a nice, Commonwealth-friendly stopgap to give a sheen of royal respectability to their act of usurpation. 

Or should that be her ambition? Now that the duchess has her duke exactly where she wants him, which is stuck fast in the amber of her Los Angeles hometown, will the power base in their relationship tilt even further her way? 

Undoubtedly so. From now until forever, in America at least, it is Meghan who will be the guest of honour and Harry the lowly plus one at her side. 

That is the thing about the Sussexes. Harry and Meghan claim to be on the side of the little people and the disenfranchised. 

But they will grind home every advantage and privilege of their own with ruthless efficiency. 

We’re supposed to think this is all marvellous because Meghan is giving her Disney fee to charity, as if she is somehow doing the company a huge favour. 

Last year Disney donated over £274million to charitable causes, the tip of a corporate benevolence that also funds many college placements and children’s hospitals. 

Every little helps of course, but it is clear that the cause the Sussexes support most keenly is their own. 

Still, one must wish them well. 

The Sussexes have made it abundantly clear that, for them, royal life in Britain was not a sanctuary but a prison – one that they have decided to escape and now exploit abroad. 

Increasingly it is impossible to ignore the irony of historical momentum here, or fail to see the similarities between their situation and that of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor. 

Both couples chose exile over duty, but it remains to be seen if the Sussexes will dissolve into the mortifying bog of inconsequence that engulfed the latter.

Harry and Meghan