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Masks donated by Facebook, Apple and Salesforce to emergency personnel in need.

Masks donated : Facebook, Apple and Salesforce have pledged to donate millions of masks to help health care workers facing a...

Disgusting moment a group of children deliberately COUGH on a mobile phone repair shop owner

The footage was shot last week at a phone repair store in south-east Melbourne The children pretended they needed a phone fixed before becoming...

Spanish Police Surprise Quarantined Residents With Music In The Streets

Spanish Police Surprise : As millions of people around the world adjust to life in isolation as a result of the coronavirus...

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Maryland police department gets backlash for Facebook post

Maryland police department received national exposure and some backlash this week with a post warning residents to wear pants when checking the mailbox.

People Question All The ‘Bad’ Things It’s Okay To Do In Isolation

Isolation : With countries around the world in various stages of lockdown right now, millions of us are adapting to life at...

Bus driver who ranted about coughing passenger dies from Covid-19

Covidiot, 32, is jailed for three months after he wandered around his local hospital to witness impact of coronavirus pandemic then...

Facebook deletes Brazil president’s coronavirus misinfo post

coronavirus misinfo post : Facebook has diverted from its policy of not fact-checking politicians in order to prevent the spread of...