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Home Business Top 5 Best ad networks for publishers, 2020 advertisers and WordPress bloggers

Top 5 Best ad networks for publishers, 2020 advertisers and WordPress bloggers

Top 5 best ad networks for WordPress bloggers:

1. Adsense


The best ad network for publishers around the world, Adsense is one network which is used by all bloggers.

Make the most of your ad space with smart ad sizing that adapts to your users. Increase your revenue whether it’s on smartphone, desktop, or tablet. $10B Paid to Publishers. Earn More From Your Site. Try It Free. Native Ads. 2M AdSense Publishers. Variety of Ad Formats.

2 . media.net

Another great ad network for both new and established bloggers, Media.net offers contextual ads of CPA, CPM, and CPC programs. It is powered by Bing and Yahoo so the quality of advertisers is very high and the publishers can also use ads from Yahoo and Bing.


Contextual, Not Generic. Earn higher revenues from ads that are relevant to your content. Custom, Not Standard.

3 . Propeller Ads

With instant approval and fast payments, Propeller Ads is a popular ad network for bloggers who work across multiple genres and screen types like mobile, desktop, social media, software, games etc.

 Propeller Ads

OnClick Ads (Popunder) Onclick ads provide massive reach at the lowest cost along with access to our exclusive inventory of publishers. Get guaranteed visits and generate fast 

4 . Popads


Simply the best popunder adnetwork in the industry – try and check yourself!

5. Chitika

If you have a good volume of search traffic, Chitika is one ad network you should definitely use, as it monetizes search traffic. It is a popular network among new bloggers and some also consider it as an alternative to Adsense.


5 best ad networks


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